Data Sharing

SABRE has an archive of over 5000 variables collected at visits 1 and 2.  The most recent visit 3 data (2014-2018) will be added to this archive once cleaned.  We are in the process of developing a data sharing platform (Swallow) which will work in a similar way to that of NSHD (Skylark).  While the new platform is being developed, we will continue to welcome applications for SABRE data sharing in accord with the core principles of the MRC. 

If you would like to find out more about sharing SABRE data please email Therese Tillin ( with a brief outline of your proposed research and the data that you would need.


The documents (pdf) from visit 3:

Current Versions

Participant Information Sheet v1.5
Questionnaires: 1A 1B 2

Earlier Versions

Participant Information Sheet v1.4
Participant Information Sheet v1.1

The documents (pdf) from visit 2:


Participant Information Booklet
Participant Information Sheet
Participant Questionnaire
System Level Security Policy


Participant Information Booklet
Participant Information Sheet

The documents (pdf) from the baseline:

Baseline questionnaire