SABRE is an important study first started in 1988 and involving nearly 5000 people of European , Indian Asian and African Caribbean  origins.   SABRE is investigating the causes of diabetes and disorders of the heart and circulation, as well as the reasons why some  people  stay well  in older age and why some people experience illness and disability.

If you took part in SABRE, you may remember that we first invited you take part between 1988 and 1991 when you were living in Southall and Brent in west and north-west London.  You may have been chosen from your GP practice or from your workplace (for example: British Airways, Crown Cork, Lucas CAV, Lyons Tetley, Quaker Oats).

Recently we invited participants to take part in a follow-up study (between 2008 and 2011) at our clinic at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.  Participants also had the option of completing a health and lifestyle  questionnaire or allowing  us to look at their GP medical records.

We have received funding from the British Heart Foundation to carry out a second follow-up study- started in 2014 at University College London. This time we are also inviting the partners of the original study participants to join the study, together with new African and African Caribbean participants. This phase of follow-up will end in January 2018.