Why did we follow-up participants between 2008 and 2011?

From the first study we had collected lots of very valuable information about health in mid-life (participants were aged between 40 and 69 at the time).  From that time, we have blood measurements (such as glucose, insulin and fats), blood pressure, information that participants gave us by filling in a questionnaire about their health and lifestyle as well as many measurements of where body fat was stored. 

This recent follow-up of health means that we can use the information from 20 years ago to see

  • which measurements predict good health in older age
  • which measurements predict  diabetes, heart disease or strokes or any serious disabilities or other health problems
  • who has pre-diabetes or early signs of disorders of the heart and circulation  that they are not aware of
  • whether we can explain why some people developed these disorders and others didn’t